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Online Chinese Tutoring

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"This program is amazing. I get to learn a lot of stuff that isn‘t in my textbook."

"The tutor was very encouraging, supportive, and willing to help."

"Learned a TON! Improved my tones remarkably Very convenient being able to learn from anywhere (with Wi-Fi)"


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For Schools

Designed for better assisting Chinese professors and students by reviewing materials covered in school classes via web-based communication tool.

For Individuals

Designed for better helping students to start learning Chinese or achieve a higher level of Chinese language proficiency. Tailored class helps you to explore the world at anytime or anyplace.

Summer Program

Summer program >
Summer camp for UNM students >

​A thank-you

for our

amazing teachers

By students from

 - University of Michigan

 - University of Nottingham Malaysia

 - Brandeis University 

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