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Live & Fun Learning(LFL) is an education consulting company. Our primary goal is to connect academic institutions worldwide with a group of skilled education professionals, providing experiential learning, professional internships, and global working experiences to foster outstanding educators and language students.


LFL Online Tutoring(OT) aids Chinese teachers and learners by using web-based communication tools to reviewing academic materials for improved learning.


Our Private Class is accessible on-demand to improve Chinese language proficiency through one-on-one lessons.


LFL Teacher Training is designed to transform teachers into facilitators, with a focus on not only not solely dispensing guidance, but also supporting adults in comprehending and attaining knowledge, skills, and competencies. In addition, our Teaching Advisory Consulting initiative furnishes tailored in-service mentoring to Chinese teachers, empowering them to enhance their andragogical skills and fortify their influence in the learning environment.


Our advantages  


  • Professional teachers trained at prestigious Chinese universities.

  • A focus on personalized learning experiences.

  • Scheduling that flexibly meets the needs of busy individuals.

  • Instruction that is closely connected to students' curriculum.

Our mission


LFL aims to support Chinese language acquisition and improve educational processes by providing more flexible, convenient and affordable learning platforms and promoting cultural exchanges via the use of communication technologies.


Weiwei Liu

Hweeling Kwan

Managing Director

Shelton Guo

Chief Operation Officer


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