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Fall In Love With China This Summer
Live&Fun Learning

Fall In Love With China This Summer

Xi'an International Studies University, Xi'an, China

  • Terracotta Warriors - the Eighth Wonder of the World

  • The terminus of the Silk Road

  • One of the cities in the UN’s World Heritage List

  • Xi'an's food - unexpectedly delicious

  • Fresh air and a clear blue sky

June 11 - August 7, 2016 

  • 7-week Chinese study: tailored learning plans, huge improvement to your Chinese

  • 1-week study trip: visit preserved ancient Chinese town, explore natural scenery and historical and cultural heritage, e.g. Lijiang, Dali.

  • Extracurricular activities: making dumplings, Kongfu Tea performance, Taichi class, group dinner, etc.

  • Local excursions on weekends: visit famous company and tourist attractions, cook Chinese food, watch Chinese movie, etc 

  • Offering language course credit

  • Short-term certificate issued by XISU university

$5,065USD (On-campus Housing)

$5,545USD (Off-campus Housing)


  • Instructional cost

  • Language textbooks, reading materials

  • Teaching equipment, classroom rental and classroom supplies

  • Airport pickup

  • Extracurricular activities

  • Local excursions on weekends

  • 1-week study trip



  • On campus: $970USD

  • Off campus: $1,450USD


**There will charge $30 USD non-refundable registration fee when  applying online.

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Study Trip


LFL study trip (July 10 - 15) is designed to allow students to integrate their own academic goals with a short-term study trip. Students are required to complete a study trip report about the sites they experience on the trip. During the study trip, students will visit preserved ancient Chinese town, explore natural scenery and historical and cultural heritage in southern China.

Chinese Summer Camp

Experience China



Company visit

Calligraphy & Chinese paintings

Experiencing real Chinese tea

Experience Chinese Karaoke


Chinese Summer Camp

Workshops & field trips



Dancing, cooking, martial arts workshops

Traditional games - mahjong, cards

Explore small towns & cities


Chinese Summer Camp

Chinese Immersion



Intensive language study (20hr/week)

One-on-one-personalized tutoring

Live on campus


Explore & expand your Chinese language and culture

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