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Live & Fun Learning (LFL) is trying to provide the best learning experience for people who want to further their Chinese culture and language learnings, and we want to keep it free for all who wish to study with us. So, we write to ask you to consider a donation to our cause.

$5 donation may help us cover some:

  • Technology cost: web hosting, web site maintenance, etc.

  • Travel cost: traveling for teacher recruitment, teacher’s interviewing, etc.

  • Tea may be?: We would LOVE to take our hard working teachers out for tea after a busy semester


With help from stakeholders like you, we will be able to work on cool things that may help more people in the future, such as:
IOS and Android Apps, more interactive web learning system, better communication solutions, internship opportunities for American students in China, and many more…


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Note: You can choose to pay with your debit or credit card, or PayPal account after you hit the "Donate" button.

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