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✓ Hospitality Chinese  language classes

✓ Hospitality training courses

✓ Internship at hotel in China

✓ Food & housing



30min/Week - First/second year

50min/week - Third year or above

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Request  A Tutor

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The registration is now closed,

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The registration is full, but we’ll continue to take registrations and accept additional participants on the waitlist. You can check or register for vacant seats at here.

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  • 中文在线模拟课堂

  • 面试工具:腾讯会议 | 会议号 792 625 7165(入会需写中文全名)
    面试前,微信发送中文全名、学校、试讲内容(说明见下)至 lfl-wechat





  1. 声调或发音的辨析和练习:1个,文中自选

  2. 重要词汇的讲解和练习:1个,从含下划线的词汇中选取

  3. 重要语法的讲解和练习:1个,从含下划线的语法中选取

  4. 根据试讲文章,设计1个有争议的话题,并引导学生用文中生词或语法作答。




See you soon!

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