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LFL Society  Beyond survival, we help you flourish.

Life & Fun Learning understands how stressful it is to live in a completely foreign culture, while studying one of the most difficult language at the same time. So, we are here to help you, not just survive, but to achieve great success and then some!

The best way to assimilate in a new culture is to meet others, locals and foreigners alike, to shear feelings, experiences and knowledge.


LFL will help you meet people, Chinese and non-Chinese, from many different universities and different programs in Beijing both online and off-line. You can share very thing from finding the best (cheapest) beer to finding best internship in town.



You did not study Chinese so you can talk about your favorite food or movies, so why should your conversations with Chinese people be limited to such shallow topics? LFL organizes bi-weekly Bilingual Forums to engage Chinese and foreign students in serious conversations about serious issues.


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A piece of mind

Many programs will have their own tours around Beijing, but we would like to take you off the beaten path and see the real Beijing. Be that old Hutongs, hiking on Great Wall, cooking with a Chinese family or a popular sport event it will help you grasp the soul of the city while have the best time. 

One thing that always certain about living a foreign country is that nothing is ever certain. But should you ever need help you will know that, no matter how big or small your problem may be, we, the LFL staff and your fellow members, are always here to support each other. You will know you are never alone.

Past Events

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Live & Fun Learning Weekends' Talk



How's your cell phone changing China?



November 2, 2013


How is your mobile phone changing China? As China becomes the world’s largest telecommunication market with more internet and smart phone users than the entire population of US, what social and cultural changes would it being? Would China be more open and democratic or would the technologies collide with the current left-wing political trend from the top?

Live & Fun Learning Weekends' Talk



Is China the most disliked country in world?(Reported by



November 16, 2013

As China is getting increasingly involved in world affairs, China’s image had suffered according to numerous polls (BBC, Gallup). The world’s opinion of China is, for the first time in many years, lower than that of America. What had contributed to this? What does this mean? And would the Anti-China attitude or Sino-phobia take over the Anti-Americanism? 

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